Having used the same accountant for over 10 years, I gradually began to question the quality of services I was receiving. Last year I handed that responsibility over to Kim McLaren. Kim provided an outstanding level of proficiency, knowledge, and advice for both my real estate business, as well as, a real estate investment partnership that I oversee. It is clear that Kim stays on top of the ever-changing tax laws and rules. I feel that my interests are in very good hands and I highly recommend Kim McLaren for accounting needs.
Rod Poole, Landmark Realty Corp.

Kim McLaren has been doing our books since September 2008 and we are more than happy to post our testimonial. Kim’s services to our company and personally have been outstanding; she has been very attentive, trustworthy and patient and we plan to keep her around as long as possible! We would and have referred her services to many of our friends and associates.
Jake Sidhu, Bourquin Printers

I have been extremely impressed with Kim’s professionalism and efficiency. She has made my taxes for the last few years entirely stress-free. Her generosity with her time and knowledge goes way beyond any accountant that I’ve ever met. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to do personal and/or business taxes. When it comes to taxes, she is a dream come true.

Laila Sabir

My husband and I have been working with Kimberly on our taxes for the last 3 years. Prior to working with her, we used to just get whoever was cheapest or easiest to access to do them (ie. H&R Block) and other accountants, although at the time we just assumed they did our taxes properly. We were quite surprised to learn differently. We happened to read about some tax rebates we should have been eligible for as well as some medical expenses that should have been written off. Then our blessing came..her name was Kimberly. We were referred to her by a friend of ours who has been working with Kimberly for years. Kimberly looked over our taxes and recalculated them and…yes got our past owed monies back from the government and it actually cost less than any other option we had used in the past. Although it was quite involved, Kimberly took care of EVERYTHING.
The Kuesters

I have found Kim to be accomodating to me and my family’s individual needs. She was kind enough to make a house call to my elderly parent to allay her financial concerns. Besides accurately performing my annual tax returns, she also has given helpful financial advice for overall portfolio management.
Janet Rigby